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Theatre Access


People with Disabilities


The philosophy of the Concordia Theatre is to make everything we do accessible to our patrons and volunteers.

The building is accessible to wheelchair users, to those with mobility difficulties and to our less ambulant patrons. Two 13-person lifts have been installed together with a new extra wide staircase. The lifts allow wheelchair access to all three main public levels of the building and one lift also provides access to the bar mezzanine level on the first floor.


Elsewhere newly installed ramps allow wheelchair access to all public areas on each floor. The Concordia Theatre provides two standard wheelchair spaces at the rear of the theatre for wheelchair disabled patrons for each performance in the main Auditorium and these are designated W1 & W2 (see seating plan). If your wheelchair is large/motorized, a standard wheelchair will be provided for you to transfer into prior to the performance (please allow sufficient time upon arrival). Disabled Access toilet facilities are located on the first floor adjacent to the coffee lounge.


Entry for wheelchairs is from the rear car park entrance where there are extended width, disabled parking spaces which are provided free of charge for wheelchair patrons. It is necessary to reserve these wheelchair places in advance at the time of booking. On arrival a member of staff can be summoned to open the door by ringing the adjacent bell.

The wheelchair spaces in the auditorium have adjacent carer/companion seats and wheelchair users are asked to book the seat of their carer/companion at the time of their own booking. Users are advised to arrive in ample time to ensure that they can be assisted with their seating. Wheelchair patrons are requested to be in the theatre at least half an hour before the performance begins to ensure that a member of the Front of House staff is available to assist them.


Guide and hearing dogs are welcome and water can be provided. If you wish to take them into the auditorium, please let the ticket seller know when booking so that suitable seats can be allocated for you and your guide dog.The whole of the Theatre’s main auditorium is equipped with the looped system to benefit our hard-of-hearing patrons. To make use of this, please switch your hearing aid to the T-position when entering the Auditorium. Please ask a member of the FOH staff for more information or if you require assistance.

For the generally less ambulant/those with temporary ambulant problems we intend to have a wheelchair freely available (if requested at the time of booking) and for a member of our Front Of House staff to facilitate the transit of less ambulant patrons from the ground floor to the nearest drop off point to the patron’s seat.


Booking of Wheelchair Spaces/Seating for Disabled Patrons

Wheelchair and disabled patron tickets are reserved in the same way as ordinary seats. All seats are sold on a “first come first served basis” and if all general seating is sold out before wheelchair enquiries are received then it may not be possible to offer a wheelchair space for that particular performance. Please book early/well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Because the theatre is entirely voluntary run and manned it is necessary to give a minimum lead time of one week when booking wheelchair spaces to allow staff ample notice to reconfigure the seating and to prepare disabled parking spaces.


Disabled patrons are asked to assist our staff in the completion of a booking form to enable us to plan fully to provide you with all the administrative arrangements to make your visit to the Concordia Theatre as enjoyable as possible. This might include details such as wheelchair type, car registration number, others in your party etc.


We are keen to make your experience an enjoyable one – please advise us of your needs at the time of booking and we will do everything we can to facilitate your requirements.

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