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How to Join

To perform in our productions you must first audition to become a performing member of Hinckley Concordia Amateur Operatic Society. Members must be over 16 years of age and completed their main school education. 


If children are required for one of our productions, further details will be provided on our website and social media platforms in relation to the application process. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT AN APPLIACTION FOR YOUR CHILD ON HERE.  

The Audition process is carried out twice a year following our first meeting for our next production

Audtionees will be required to attend the first meeting of our next production and will be invited for an informal chat with our production team to discuss your current skill set and what you can bring to our society (Singing, dancing or Acting). There is no requirement to do so however if you wish to sing for us please bring a backing track or sheet music with you. 

You will also be required to attend our two workshops. 

If you have been successful and are accepted into the society you are then able to audition for a principle role or alternatively you can wait to hear if you have made it into ensemble for the next production.

Want to audition? follow the below steps:

  1. Fill in the below application form

  2. We will be in contact informing you of when our first meeting will be held

  3. Attend the first meeting

  4. Attend both workshops


Membership Fees

The annual subscription is £10 for adult members, £6 for Student members.

Additionally, there is a show fee of £6 per show, payable prior to the opening night of the production 

Where are your performing strengths?
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Thank you for your interest in joining our society. We will be in touch in the near future

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