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Our Constitution...



The name of the Society shall be ‘Hinckley Concordia Amateur Operatic Society’.


The aims and objects of the Society shall be to present public performances of musical plays, light operas, concerts and other entertainments.

Proceeds of such performances shall, after paying necessary expenses incurred in connection therewith, be used either for:

Development and maintenance of the Society.

  • Donations towards the development of the Hinckley Concordia Theatre.

  • Payments to such bodies recognised as charitable by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue as the Society’s Committee shall determine


1. There are five classes of Membership :-

  • Full Member – These members shall be entitled to vote at any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting and take part in Society productions subject to audition and the appropriate additional subscription being paid

  • Junior Member – These members will be under 18 years of age, in full time education. They will not have voting rights but can take part in Society productions subject to audition and the appropriate additional subscription.

  • Guest Member – A guest member is one who is invited to play a role, which could not be cast within the Society, for a specific production. At the discretion of the Committee membership and show subscriptions may be waived for that production only. Guest members shall not have voting rights

  • Life Members – The Society may, in exceptional circumstances, confer life membership to a Society member who has rendered special and distinguished service to the Society. Full voting rights accompany life membership

  • Associate member – An Associate membership may be granted, at the discretion of the Committee, to any person who has given loyal service over a number of years in a non playing capacity. Associate members shall not be required to pay subscriptions and will not have voting rights

2. General membership rules

  • Any member whose capabilities do not conform to the standard set by the Society, or whose conduct is considered to be not conducive to the best interests of the Society, may, at the discretion of the Committee, have their membership immediately terminated.

  • All members will be able to attend any Annual General or Extraordinary General Meeting but only those who have Full membership status will be entitled to vote.

  • No member of the Society shall post, or cause to be posted, material on the Internet which is detrimental to the Society, any of its members, or the Committee. This shall also apply to detrimental material posted referring to any other Society or organisation within the Theatre. The Committee shall have the power to immediately terminate the membership of any Member breaking this rule


All applications for Full and Junior membership should be made, to the Secretary and the election of applicants shall rest entirely with the Committee.


  • The annual subscriptions shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and will be due for payment on the 1st October in each year. All subscriptions must be paid by the end of October or membership will have been deemed to have lapsed.

  • In the case of Members elected during any current year, full subscriptions will be due immediately on election.

  • There will be an additional subscription, determined at the Annual General Meeting, for all members who are in a production. Such subscriptions will become due at the first rehearsal following auditions for that production


  • The Management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee of three Officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and 9 elected members. These will be elected at the Annual General Meeting, 3 of who will retire in rotation annually, and may be eligible for re-election, together with Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  • Nominations for Committee showing name of the Nominee, Proposer and Seconder shall be forwarded, in writing, to the Society Secretary at least 7 clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Nomination papers should carry the signature of the nominee

  • All Officers and Committee Members must be Full members of the Society.

  • Should any Officer or Member of the Committee be absent without good reason from 3 successive meetings, the seat shall be declared vacant and another member co-opted to fill the vacancy. Any member so co-opted shall be required to seek election to the Committee at the next Annual General Meeting.

  • The Committee shall have power to co-opt any person whose special knowledge or experience may be deemed necessary to assist the Committee with its work. Such co-opted members shall not have the power to vote.

  • The Committee shall have power to pay any of the Officials appointed any reasonable fee or honorarium, provided that such official is not a member of the Society (together with any reasonable amount of out-of-pocket expenses they incur).

  • No member of the Society shall receive money, or money’s worth, from any of the funds of the Society save in reimbursement to them of out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred by them in promoting the aims and objects of the Society.


1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within a maximum of three months of the preceding financial year end and will conduct the following business.

  • Presentation of the Chairman and Secretary’s Report for the past year

  • Presentation of Accounts for the past year

  • Election of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

  • Election of members nominated to the Committee

  • Setting of Subscription levels for the coming year

  • Election of Auditor or Independent Examiner

  • Any other matters raised by the Membership which should have been sent to the Secretary in writing at least 7 days before the meeting.

2. The Committee shall meet at regular intervals as required to conduct the business of the Society. A quorum of seven voting members is required for the meeting to be valid.3. At all meeting when the voting on any proposal is equal then the Chairman shall have the casting vote4. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate financial records of the Society. The treasurer shall also be responsible for the safe keeping of the Society’s money in accounts chosen and approved by the Committee, and produce financial reports, profit and loss accounts and show balance sheets and budgets. Any cheque account should have two signatories to authorise cheque payment.5. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Secretary upon a request being submitted and signed by the Committee, or in writing carrying the signatures of at least twelve Full Members. Details of the exact subject matter to be discussed at the meeting must be specified. Upon receipt of such a request the Secretary shall convene an extraordinary General meeting within one month of the request, giving a minimum of 10 days notice of the meeting, to all Full members of the Society.6. Twenty-five full members, or one third of full members (whichever is the smaller) shall form a quorum at any General Meeting.


Any alteration or addition to the Constitution and Rules of the Society shall be presented for adoption to either the Annual General meeting or an Extraordinary general meeting of the Society. A minimum of 14 days notice of the proposed alteration shall be given to the Secretary in writing. The Secretary shall then convene the appropriate meeting.


1. The Committee shall elect the following:

  • A Vice Chairman or nominate an Officer who will deputise for the Chairman in his absence

  • A Publicity Officer or Officers or sub committee

  • A Ticket secretary

  • A Producer, Musical Director, Choreographer and any other Official as may be considered necessary.

  • A Casting committee comprising of the Producer, Musical Director, and Choreographer, and any other

  • member or members appointed by the Committee.

  • The committee shall appoint a Full member of the Society to run the web site

2. Members of the cast will be expected to attend all rehearsals when called, and absence from more than three such rehearsals shall disqualify a member from taking part in that production unless a satisfactory explanation of the absence is given to the Committee.3. The Committee shall not invite any person who is not a member of the Society to take part in any production until the part has previously been thrown open to an audition for members wishing to audition for the part. The cast shall not be chosen until the auditions have taken place.4. Should any person associated in any way with the production be considered unsuitable, the Committee shall have power to replace them if it is considered to be in the best interests of that production5 If at any time the numbers of members wishing to be in a production exceed the numbers required, all members shall be required to attend for audition and the final decision of the cast made by the Casting Committee.


In the event of the Society being wound up, the funds thereof shall be used first in discharging all liabilities of the Society and subject thereto, as directed by the Committee, shall be paid to such charitable bodies as recognised by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue.

Adopted by the Society at its Annual General Meeting held on the 10th October 2012.

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